About department

The department of Geology aims to provide distinction for students in the different stages of study for the bachelor, Master and doctorate degrees for preparing students in the academic and industrial, governmental or teaching fields and that through training students on critical thinking, initiatives and skills needed to make geoscience students familiar with this specialization throughout their lives, the bachelor programs in Geological science provide solid foundation in Earth science, and because of our strategic location in southern Egypt, eastern and western deserts, there are special opportunities for field, laboratory, and academic education in various subjects of geological sciences. Concentration will be placed on learning basic concepts and techniques through research, in an environment that encourages on developing this profession and those who are socially, culturally and humanly engaged in it, as well as deep moral values. In this way, the Department of Geology will contribute in enriching society with science by creating and disseminating new knowledge in various fields of scientific research and environment and society service.