Community Service and Environment Sector

The importance of community participation – contributing in implementing a mission in community service – achieving the goals of scientific research in the faculty to serve society – developing the spirit of giving and strengthening the sense of self among researchers to achieve community participation – achieving faculty mission in community development and advancement and contributing to improve standard of living – achieving Economic return for beneficiaries – Developing local and national resources – Providing a financial resource for the Faculty that contributes implementing faculty programs and continuity in providing its social services. Community participation parties” Executive bodies” such as:- Civil Community institutions that includes: industrial, agricultural, and productive projects (health – agriculture – different governorates and ministries and their directorates in governorates) veterinary medicine – civil associations –¬† implementing research serves environment – implementing projects and applying it to solve community development problems in a scientific way – developing natural resources – providing scientific consultations – The contribution of the various bodies in financing academic research that serves the community ‚Ķtraining programs – workshops – contributing to financing specific activities in the faculty (such as scientific conferences etc.) – implementing training programs of a special nature to inform technical and professional cadres in Society on the latest scientific and industrial technologies to increase their efficiency and their experiences that contribute to activate community participation and promote progress towards the best and keep pace with global progress.