Faculty Council

Faculty of Science council for the academic year 2019/2020

Job title Name
Faculty dean – Head of the council  Prof/ Atef Ibrahim Abdel-Kader
Vice dean for Education and students Affairs. Prof/ Mohammed Abdel-Moneim Raslan 
Vice dean for Graduate studies and research  Prof/ Alaa El-Din Salah El-Din Abdel-Wahab
Vice dean for community service and Environment development.  Prof/ Alaa Hassan Nour El-Din
Head of Geology department Prof. Ashraf Emam Abdel-Radi
Head of Physics department Prof/ Ayman Ahmed El-amin
Head of mathematics department Prof/ Saber Mahmoud El-Kabeer
Head of Chemistry department Prof/ Abo El-Hamd Hassan Mohamed
Acting head of botany department Dr/Osama Mohamed Abdel-Raoof
Acting head of Zoology department Dr. Essam Abdel-Salam Abdel-Halim Shaalan
Alternate Professor of Zoology department Prof. Abdel-Kader Mohamed Abdel-Kader
Alternate Professor of Botany department Prof. Soad Abdel-Moneam El-Zayat
Alternate Professor of Geology department Prof/ Khairia Mohamed Fawzi
Alternate Professor of Physics department Prof/ Badr Mohamed Ali
Alternate Professor of Mathematics department Prof/Ahmed Mohamed Rashad Awad
Alternate Professor of chemistry department Prof/ Samia Mohamed El-sayed
Senior Assistant professor Prof/Osama Abdel-Wahab Radwan
Senior Lecturer Prof/ Barakat Abdel-Aziz El_Gondy
Quality Assurance Manager Official capicity