Tropical Plants Study Unit (Goals)

The unit aims to:

Conducting research and studies in fields related to tropical plants, environment physiology, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology and genomics.

Assisting the scientific activity (postgraduate studies and research) of the faculty and university by training young researchers on molecular and genomic biology methods in various studies, environment physiology and tropical plant studies.

Serving the local community through the applications of research results related to the study of tropical plants, their extracts and medicinal effects, cell biology and molecular biology studies.

Using the latest biological technologies and methods to raise the production efficiency of some species of tropical plants.

Using the latest agricultural technologies and methods in the production process of some species of plants that are resistant to difficult climatic conditions.

Attracting research projects, whether local or international, interested in studying agricultural or medical tropical plants and their extracts, environment physiology, microbiology studies, and molecular and genomic biology studies, while providing the necessary scientific studies and research for them.

Scientific cooperation between the unit and research centers, universities and authorities, whether local or international, to implement the protocols concluded with Aswan University and Faculty of Science, with the possibility of concluding cooperation protocols with various authorities through the university.