Services provided by Natural Hazards Unit

Services provided by Natural Hazards Unit at Aswan University:

1- Study of climate changes and their effects and the role of gas emissions in the global warming and the high level of the sea and their impact on the Egyptian delta and cities and coastal installations and beach erosion.

2- Study of natural hazards on the asphalt roads, railways, and bridges in the south valley region (such as torrents, corrosion by weathering factors, and sliding of rock masses in curvature places next to incoherent rocks), in particular roads of Aswan-Bernes, Edfu-Marsa Alam, Aswan – Abu Simbel with the aim of identifying dangerous places and presenting the most suitable solutions that include the possibility of benefit from torrents water. 

3- Study of effect of torrents, earthquakes, and storms on huge civilian installations such as factories, residential cities, dams, reservoirs, tourist villages, and farms, and preparing a special code for each of them, and the consideration of this study as a condition for licensing the establishment and continuation of these facilities.

4- Study of crawling of sand dune, desertification, silting, and groundwater movement and its impact on the efficiency of Lake Nasser and its life expectancy.

5 – Detailed maps of the Nile islands and other obstacles in the shipping lane between Aswan and Luxor and putting warning signs in appropriate places to avoid the phenomenon of cruise ships disruption in the winter season which is the most crowded with tourist.

6- Study of the natural hazards for insurance companies for all establishments that require insurance, as a means of helping both insurance companies and contracting facilities to be cautious and reduce potential natural hazards.

7- Providing urgent temporary consultations to all parties requesting the unit in its field of specialization.

8- Implementing research projects in natural hazards field in cooperation with all ministries, agencies, organizations, universities, and local and international research centers.

9- Presenting academic lectures, practical and training applications for university students to disseminate the concept of natural hazards and raise awareness of the necessary measures to reduce them.

10- Preparing publications, posters, radio and television programs to raise awareness and participation in community service in unit specialization field.

11- Giving awareness lectures to the public in general at the university headquarters, clubs and community associations in specialization field.