Youth welfare

Group Formation:

  1. Group leader should be from Academic staff.
    1. Each family has a rapporteur, an assistant rapporteur, a treasurer, and activity rapporteur from “male and female students in different years”.
    1. The group is composed from different divisions, departments and batches.
    1. The Group members shall not be less than 31 members.
    1. Writing the Full name, study year, division and full address.
    1. Each group should present five copies of the Group formation documents to Group officer at Youth Welfare, after being approved by the “Group Leader, Leader of Group Committee, Union Leader, Faculty dean”.

General Conditions to preserve Groups and their activities:

  1. Filling the Group application forms from Activity supervisor.
  2. Bringing student photo for Group card.
  3. The Group consists of students of all different batches and divisions.
  4. If the family does not participate in the activity; it shall be canceled by a decision of the committee leader and the union leader.
  5. Presenting an application for practicing Group activities such as (trips, exhibitions, seminars, etc.) to the activity supervisor for accreditation from the Group leader, Committee leader and Union leader at least one week before implementation date.
  6. In case of getting approval to take a trip, the general supervisor of the trip shall determine (Academic staff, Group committee leader, Union leader, Faculty dean).
  7. These approvals are then submitted at the request of Vice President for Education and Student Affairs to approve the trip at least one week before date.