Foreign student

Foreign student enrollment in graduate studies and research

Foreign students who want to get graduate studies should apply to the university through the General administration of foreign students in the dates approved by the Minister of Higher Education as follows:

The university provides the data forms to the Ministry which contains the initial approval for admission by the end of November for (diploma) stage and the end of January for the (master’s) stage.

2-After receiving data forms from universities, the Ministry will make a Survey of the relevant security authorities and inform the universities about the final opinion for each case.

3- The student should present the equivalent certificates with similar ones that are granted in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Foreign student Enrollment in postgraduate studies should be either at his own expense, and in this case, he should have a residence address in the Arab Republic of Egypt or at government mission, or at the expense of one of the international organizations.

Required documents from foreign students

1-student’s Original Qualification and should be clear and documented

2- Equivalent Certificates obtained from the Supreme Council of Universities

3-A copy of Passport which should be complete, clear and documented

4- A letter from the embassy indicating the body that will fund the study, the academic degree that you wish to study and the academic year.