Objectives of the outstanding training center

Objectives of the outstanding training center

The center aims to do the following:

1- Training human resources in developed computer science program. 

2- Qualifying Academic staff and their assistants with the training programs they need to increase their professional level.

3- Offering specialized and advanced training programs for students, university employees, individuals, and civil society organizations. 

4- Providing technical services and technological consultations for the university, its faculties and centers of a special nature or individuals and civil society organizations.

 5- Implementing progressive levels of partnership and exchanging experiences and capabilities with distinct training or information technology institutions or companies outside the university.

6- Increasing partnership between the computer science program and information technology companies in the same field.

7- Keeping pace with technological development and providing training and technical support to civil society.

 8- Encouraging training and learning by using modern technology. 

9- Presenting research proposals to training, research and innovation support funds, whether local or international, and receiving the necessary support for the implementation of these proposals.