About Botany department



The Botany department seeks to provide Academic education in the field of botany and microbiology, and providing the local and foreign community with competent specialists and trainers in the field of work and scientific research able to compete in labor market. To achieve this aim, the department continuously evaluates and develops the educational plans and programs, evaluates performance, emphasizes the educational process quality, and benefit from the technology of communication and advanced technology to serve the educational process.


The department is committed to prepare and develop Purposeful programs to prepare distinct graduates and scientific researchers in bachelor stage and graduate studies; the department presents social service representative in presenting scientific consultants or by contributing in society service in agricultural or industrial or educational or environmental field by using the scientific styles and applying the modern Techniques.


– Raising the level of the graduate scientifically by providing him with modern theoretical Knowledge or scientific skills to find a good opportunity to compete in labor market.

– Raising the Level of scientific research and the applied fields which serve the society and environment in all fields.

– Solving the problems of society and contributing in serving environment through the scientific projects and search about unusual sources for wealth and energy.