About Zoology department

Zoology department


Zoology department is committed to present educational, research and societal service in the field of zoology at the local and regional level through advanced research programs and that in light of faculty of science Mission in teaching and scientific, research and applied training and development of skills in various fields of Zoology and that for preparing distinct student in bachelor and graduate studies stages to have high skill and experience to compete in Labor market.


Zoology department seeks to be one of the distinct scientific departments in Education and scientific research and serving society at the local, regional and international level in light of faculty Vision and mission through preparing scientific programs that Keep up the scientific development in different fields of Zoology for serving society and environment.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the department include the development of research in various fields and that through using the theoretical applications in solving the environmental problems, especially in the branches of physiology, histology, invertebrates and environmental sciencesFish Biology, Genetics and Entomology, and trying to find solutions to environmental pollution problem with heavy elements or as a result of accumulation of some medical drugs following treatment of some diseases. As well as the most important axes of the department’s strategic plan in field of Zoology to Prepare many research projects for the prevention of heavy elements especially that have Toxic effect on the environment such as cadmium and plumb. And that to contribute in solving the environmental problems in keeping and moving to modern techniques for the prevention of chronic diseases by using Natural Antioxidant Products. And there are studies and research trends on developing Zoology program to keep up scientific development in field of biotechnology to serve society and environment through the existence of several research laboratories.