Faculty of Science _ Aswan university_ was established within Assiut University branch in Aswan in 1975.

The study began at Faculty of Science _ Aswan university_ in the academic year 1976/1977.

Registration for PhD degree began in the academic year 1977/1978.

Enrollment in applied diplomas began in 1984.

The first scientific degree (Bachelor’s) was awarded in 1979.

The Faculty has developed a diploma in applied microbiology and a supplementary diploma for teachers in natural history in order to meet the needs of labor market and community service.

The faculty continued its administrative and scientific leadership of Assiut University branch in Aswan, whereas Faculty of Education in the branch relied mainly on the scientific departments of Faculty of Science.

Since the establishment of South Valley University in 1995, the Faculty of Science in Aswan has become the incubator and main sponsor of the Faculties of university branch in Aswan.

The Faculty contributed to the formation of the administrative structure of Faculties of engineering, Arts and social work.

The Faculty plays the main role in teaching basic sciences and computer courses to other faculties according to their academic programs.

The faculty obtained a project to establish an internal system for quality in May 2005.

The faculty established a unit for Education Quality Assurance and qualification for accreditation, and it was accredited by the decision of the University Council in its session held on 25/8/2008.      

The faculty participates in all environmental issues and community service by holding symposiums, conferences and workshops, and providing consultations and specialized scientific reports.