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Geology department


Geology department aims to provide excellence to students in various study stages "Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees" for preparing students in the academic, industrial, governmental fields or teaching that by training students on critical thinking and the required skills to make earth science students knowing this specialty throughout their lives. Bachelor's programs in geosciences provide a solid foundation in earth sciences, Because of our strategic location in the Nile Delta and its proximity to the Sinai Peninsula and the Eastern Desert, There are special opportunities to field, practical and academic education in various topics of geosciences, the focus will be on learning basic concepts and techniques through research, in an environment that encourages on developing this profession socially, culturally and humanly as well as deep ethical values. In this way, Geology department will contribute to enriching the community with science by creating and publish the new knowledge in different scientific research fields.



Geology department seeks to provide the highest level of education through continues revision to its education programs and expanding it. In addition to awareness programs to create generations of well-trained geologists in the academic and professional fields who are able to respond to needs of society. In addition, the department aims to expand its role as a distinct department in the delta area of strategic importance as it has natural gas stock and some new oil discoveries in concession areas near to Aswan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


- Preparing students in qualified programs that enable them to study academic curriculums to get a bachelor's degree either in geology or geophysics.

- Employing students and raising the efficiency of staff members in field geological sciences.

- Creating a new model to learn geology through multi-disciplinary programs.

- Increasing interaction and cooperation with industry.



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Aswan  University- Sahary City- AirPort Road

Postal Code: 81528

Tele: 0973480901-0973480446

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