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The Administration of Southern Youth Theatre Festival announced honoring Prof/ Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed _Aswan University President_ in opening the third session of Theatre Festival for South Youth which will be held from 23-28th April 2018 in Aswan.

The Artistic critic/ Haitham El-Hawary_ head of the Institution of culture and creation and head of the festival_ showed that honoring Prof/ Ghallab is a result of his great role in Energizing the cultural and theatrical Movement in Aswan.


Prof/ Ahmed Ghallab confirmed that the University working on spreading culture in south society, and developing skills and adopting literary, cultural and artistic talents of students, it also seeks to hold the culture forums and seminars to correct some of Misconceptions to enrich the intellectual and creative state of university students, he thanked the administration of theatre festival of south youth for this honoring. 

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